Transforming Pre or Post-Holiday? Here’s Why You Should Know

Transforming Pre or Post-Holiday? Here’s Why You Should Know

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The holidays are here and the last thing on your mind is health, right? We’re just being honest. But, should we be focusing on our health, at least  a little? We know — sorry for raining on your parade.

After all, holiday weight gain is not just a myth. A Cornell University study found that even across three different locations, United States, Germany and Japan, people gained weight over the holidays.

What’s more is that some people kept the weight for up to five months later.

That’s why we love Transformations around the holiday season. It may seem weird, but it’s a lot easier than you think and it could be helpful too!

Read on for reasons why you should Transform pre- and post-holiday.

Transforming Before the Holiday

10 Day Transformation Cleansing
10-Day Transformation – Cleansing

The Calm Before the Storm 

Before diving in at the dinner table, some see 10-Day Transformations as a sort of preparation for what’s to come — almost like making room in your body for the feasting.

That could be a little problematic. Here’s why: if you go from eating small amounts of food to eating a bunch in a short span of time, you could get sick.

So, does this mean you shouldn’t cleanse before the festivities? We actually see it as motivation! A cleanse can help you center yourself, and provide motivation to eat better. You might be less likely to go over-board to protect any progress you made.  

So instead of “making room,” you’re helping your body transition to a more health-conscious state of mind where you won’t be reaching for as many servings. You see, we sometimes attach our emotions to food, especially during this time of year. Transformations help you redefine that relationship and see food as fuel.

That doesn’t mean you won’t indulge, it just means you could be smarter at the way you go about it.

Prepping for Vacation 

For some people, this time of year means packing their bags and taking off on a trip across the globe (or just across the county). Transformations could be good for them too.


Well, three reasons:

  1. Mental re-centering
  2. Fitness/Body-Image
  3. Immune Function
10 Day Transformation Athletes
10-Day Transformation – Athletes

Just as in the first example, a Transformation can help re-center your eating habits and head-space, preparing you to be more mindful of what you’re eating while traveling.

Fitness might also be on your mind before jet-setting. Maybe you want to look a little leaner…or at least feel a little leaner. Athletic Transformations might be able to help with that.

Finally, a cleanse may help give your immune system a little boost. This can come in handy when you’re in a new area, full of germs that you haven’t been exposed to yet.

Transforming After the Holidays

10 Day Transformation Weight Loss
10-Day Transformation – Weight Loss

Okay, maybe you don’t want to Transform before the holiday. That’s okay, because post-holiday works too.

Getting Your Groove Back

If you had one or two (or five) plates too many during your holiday feast, a Transformation is a good way to help you bounce back.  Not only does it allow you to eat flex foods and bask in superfood mixes (like greens), but you’ll also have time to reflect on the time spent with your family.

This could be a good mental exercise. If you’re feeling like you “failed” yourself by indulging (you didn’t — don’t worry), this is a good way for you to gain back control.

Kick Off Your New Year Resolutions 

The holiday season rounds out the end of the year and before you know it, it’s a new year. A post-holiday Transformation can help prepare you for a more healthier new year. Like doing a cleanse before a holiday, you can take a little time for a quick refresher. During this time, you can prioritize your health goals for Jan. 1 and beyond.

If you make at least a little progress during your cleanse (like cutting out cookies for 10 ten days), that can motivate you to  keep powering through and stepping up for bigger goals in 2019 (like cutting your overall sugar intake).

If you liked Purium products, this might also mean you can integrate a Core-4 lifestyle more often in the near year.