in Bemer

We live in stressful times. Bodily and psychological stress is caused by many factors.


In daily life we are prone to different kinds of stress, especially psychological stress due to anxiety, worry, relational conflicts, possibly pressure at work or school and on-going financial concerns to just name a few.  Also, we are increasingly under traffic & commuting stresses, work stress, performance stress, excessive time pressure etc but also environmental stress factors of air pollution, excessive noise, lack of exercise and poor life-style choices have profound effects on our health. All this stress constricts the blood vessels. When you are young the body recovers quickly from temporary stress but the older we get the more stress effects become a cumulative, on-going situation that the body struggles to cope with.

Stress causes a high degree of detrimental and increasingly restricted blood flow.

Good blood flow through our extensive blood vessel system is of course essential. Without it you are likely DEAD! At the micro-blood vessels level it is critical to have excellent blood diffusion to all the organs, tissue, muscles for their proper functioning. Stress causes a restriction of the blood flow which over a long period will become chronic and many hundreds of thousands of cells will not be able to do their job properly and some millions of cells may even die.

The impaired blood diffusion in turn negatively affects the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and the removal of cellular waste products from the cells.

Cells require the oxygen and nutrients to produce the basic units of energy called ATP which are manufactured in the mitochondria (the power station inside the cell) and are essential to keep cells working.

The result: specific groups of cells, depending on the specific genetic make up of the individual, no longer carry out its particular job effectively and stress-induced symptoms appear over time.

Typical results of long duration stress in terms of ailments can be chronic ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle tension. Our muscles are less capable of performance and often cause stiffness (shoulder area), there is more pain experienced in diverse places and the immune system is getting progressively weaker making us more susceptible to acquire ailments.

The BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy System can alleviate some of the damage we suffer due to the various types of compounding stresses. It cannot fix our life-styles and the way we choose to live our lives but it improves the micro-circulation veritably and hence the oxygen diffusion and metabolic waste product removal. That simply means a massive improvement of quality of life and enabling the body to regulate its own networked systems by improving a couple of key physiological parameters.

First prize: don't get stressed too much in the first place. Make appropriate life-style changes.

Second prize : assist the body in coping with the adverse effects of stress of any type by using the BEMER for 8 minutes twice a day every day.
It is safe, easy to use in the comfort of your home. Everyone in the family can use it. In your life, strive to get first prize and second prize!
Try it.