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Foundational Nutrition

Essentials for Life

Essentials for Life offers the strongest nutritional foundation possible in a single 100% whole food, full spectrum nutritional system. Designed to address every aspect of the body's daily nutritional supplementation needs, Essentials for Life provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, friendly flora, and fat metabolizers for optimal health, energy, and vitality.

Six products in one

Think of Essentials for Life as "baseline" nutrition – when taken as directed, it has everything you need to build a solid nutritional foundation. And once you have that foundation in place, you can begin adding other products to customize for your own specific requirements. To create this "baseline" and cover each aspect of the body's daily nutrition, Essentials for Life consists of six products, all combined into one easy, convenient system.



Each product in Essentials for Life is also available separately:

Food-based vitamins

Re:Gain is a food-based multivitamin formulated to deliver the nutrients your body for maintaining healthy cell function, overall health, and more energy. Re:Gain can provide the essential vitamins and nutrients that can be lacking in modern diets and over-processed foods.