Bemer Veterinary Line

Bemer Veterinary Line

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Man And Horse

A Unique Bond

Your horse is a source of joy and inspiration. You’ll do everything to make sure it is well – as only then you will feel at ease too. You are responsible for maintaining the care and positive everyday health of your horse. The new BEMER Veterinary Line helps you in this process, with devices that are precisely fine-tuned to the requirements of equestrian sports. For more information, please email Emiliano at, [email protected]



The BEMER Signal

The Key To Health

The BEMER Veterinary Line supports you in the optimum care of your horse, helping preserve health and increasing performance. All devices work with the unique BEMER signal that has been successfully tried and tested for over 18 years. Our worldwide patented device signal and our Liechtenstein/Swiss Made manufacturing are some of the pillars of our global success.

BEMER VET | Areas Of Application

Poitive Effects Of BEMER Application:

  1. Promotes rehabilitation
  2. Promotes regeneration of the muscles
  3. Reduces stress (during transportation or competitions)
  4. Relaxes the psyche and the muscles (before riding)
  5. Supports recovery after an injury


Areas Of Application

Holistic Support For Horses

The BEMER signal has a positive influence on your horse’s entire body, and effectively stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. It is also responsible for the stimulation of “rest and digestive” activities. The application of BEMER before training, competitive riding, or transportation aids in the tranquility and comfort your horse experiences. Through the use of BEMER Vet products, your horse will benefit from faster recovery, regeneration of muscle tissue, and more efficient hydration.



Simple And Effective

Bemer Product

Bemer Veterinary Line-2
  • Resilient and easy to clean
  • Battery and control unit integrated wireless
  • Large- and small-area applications

Bemer Veterinary Line-3
  • Intuitive and simple operation
  • Up to 15 applications per battery charge
  • 3 preset treatment programs

Bemer Veterinary Line-4
  • Optimum size adaptation to each horse
  • Indication-specific signal configuration
  • 3 high-quality fixation straps (adjustable in length)

BEMER VET /Control Units And Applicators

Control Units And Applicators

Ergonomically Intelligent

In science and medicine, faith alone will not be able to convince anyone. Since our company was founded, we spare no effort to research, substantiate and further develop the effects of our products. We have grown from a small office to a corporate group operating on a global scale. We are glad to see a large and consistently growing number of highly satisfied BEMER applicants on nearly all of the continents. Find out for yourself what BEMER can do for you and your horse. For more information, please email Emiliano at, [email protected]

Bemer Product Details 1Bemer Product Details 2

Vet Horse Blanket

Our horse blanket is the solution for large-area applications. The blanket generates a BEMER signal field that encompasses and permeates your animal. The small, yet extremely efficient signal control is optimally placed for simple usage and contains a high-quality battery for approxima- tely 15 applications.

Bemer Product Details 3
Bemer Product Details 4

Vet Horse Cuff

With the help of the BEMER Vet horse cuff, you can generate a focused BEMER signal on a specific region of your horse’s body. This is particularly effective in areas of intense strain, for instance at the joints. The cuff’s signal control is just as powerful as that of the horse blanket.

For more information, please email Emiliano at, [email protected].